We are The Rods!

We ditched the “8 to 5 rat race, living for the weekends, spending more time with our coworkers” life! That life was just not for us. We said adios to what we’ve always known, and hola to what’s in front of us! We head out on the open road in whichever direction we feel like going. What do we do? 

Anything!! Okay okay…not anything, but we are not opposed to doing any odd jobs needed at national parks, state parks, ranches, farms and/or tourist spots! We can be housekeepers, dishwashers, cooks, park hosts, or even cowgirls. It is limitless when it comes to jobs throughout all the seasons! 

It takes a bit of humility and humbling yourself to do odd jobs like the sort stated above. By society’s standards, it is safe to say that our separate resumes are quite accomplished. Tanya has over a decade of medical experience working in the ER, Medical-Surgical department, and Hospice. She has seen her fair share of death and sadness, so walking away from that career to live a more fulfilling life was quite possibly the easiest decision she has had to make. Maria, a trained environmental scientist, and science communicator is leaving behind a dead-end, shift work laboratory job. Being able to see this world, and observing foreign ecosystems, biomes, and cultures made this decision easy for Maria as well. She is ready to communicate science to whoever wants to read or listen.

So, along with our 4 fur babies- Bruno, Neng Neng, Archie, and Lola we are going to roam where we’ve never been before and revisit those places we have already seen. Just venturing a little more than last each time.  

Always remember the greatest wealth is to live content with little.

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