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The Tin Can Travelers | Sal & Rebecca

We both definitely knew we wanted to retire and leave the rat-race behind, and we both knew we wanted to travel United States. The only thing we needed to figure out and agree upon was the manner in which we would do it. And once we started looking into RV’s, we were both sold! We were even 100% in agreement on the RV we chose! Needless to say, there was no “convincing” needed.

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Proceeding Onward In America | Fabian, Becky + Jag

We had the pleasure of meeting Fabian and Becky in Minnesota during the 2019 Sugar Beet Harvest. We were assigned the same campground, but not the same harvest yard. We did get to meet up for dinner and drinks however. They are really great, down to earth people. It’s been awesome seeing their adventures! They make great informative videos for their YouTube Channel, and you can find them on all other social media platforms! Give them a follow to learn more, and read to see how they got started with Full-Time RVing!

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Trippin Traci | Traci Thompson

Traci is transitioning to full time life on the road! She has a YouTube Channel and Instagram where she shares all her experiences! She is full of life, and loves sharing so much of her journey! We know a lot of people feel they cannot live this life of adventure and solo on the road, but Traci will change your mind about that! Give her a follow on her YouTube Channel and Instagram!

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The Adventures of Paul & Sue

We love seeing new places, meeting new people and we’ve never owned very many things so it just made a lot of sense for us. We were living in Rwanda and when we came home from East Africa we knew it was time to downsize. Up until that point we had only rented and wanted to own something. We wanted to buy a bus and convert it to a schoolie but we couldn’t afford it at the time. We didn’t want to wait to get on the road so we bought what we could afford at the time: The Escaper! We love seeing new places, trying new things and learning from different kinds of people.

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Goal Chasing

Even though we live this nomadic life, we still have goals just like everyone else. We may be carefree and “live a little more” than the usual, but we still aim for what we’re passionate about.

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2 Moms And A Trailer | Shay + America & Sons

These two moms are showing their boys the world, and we think it’s awesome! For all those families out there wondering if it’s possible to travel full-time with kids, yes it’s very possible! Check out Shay and America’s social media accounts, and take a look at all their adventures together. They are truly living an awesome life on the road, and their boys are always up to something fun.

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Life of Raditude | Markie, Ray, Nash & Juniper

This awesome family has embarked on an adventure of a life time. Making time a priority together and showing their kids the beautiful country we live in. Their initial interview was in July and they had just been on the road for 7 weeks, newbies! Now they’re a few more months in and making memories that will last a lifetime! Give them a follow to learn more and see all their adventures!

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We Live On A Bus | Chris + Tina

If you have ever thought about living in a skoolie, check out The Wanns! They are truly living the dream of many that have always wanted to pursue the skoolie adventurous life. I love the plant garden that Tina has, and the life this school bus has running through it. They have built their home on wheels to live a free, spontaneous life sharing experiences with their two sons and Dub, their Skoolie Dog. Read more about how they got started and give them a follow on social media!

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